Bespoke events are perfect for those wanting to book a more specific experience. The reasons will be many and varied from wanting a specific date due to it being for a special occasion and usually because you are wanting to book a class just for your friends or family. Bespoke events are perfect for birthdays, pre wedding celebrations, corporate events, reunions and a whole host of other celebrations! Likewise they also suit a group who want to learn a new skill together or have some restrictions meaning they want to design their own specific occasion. It is worth noting that if you prefer we can also provide an event manager should you be booking multiple classes for the same day which is especially useful for corporate events or weddings parties.

Booking bespoke events is easy. Just fill in the form and send to us for a quote. We will tailor the day to make it a day to remember! Often bespoke events have different timings, different amounts of people attending and many other variables. Just let us know as many details as possible and we will work out the rest!