Lucid Drummers

£19.00 Per Person

We all have rhythm, we are born with it, we walk in rhythm, we talk in rhythm, we pulse in rhythm, we love rhythm.

It scientifically takes only 15-30 mins for an absolute beginner to enter a state of rhythmic flow, followed by a mass endorphin release.

This is a personal challenge to reach your inner-self through euphoria.

We shall not follow musical genres but flirt with all of them. Together we will fuse all our imagination and respond in the instant to the collective vibe.

We will jointly experience how music can provide the ultimate proof that humans are instinctual masters of collaborative positive contribution for the grander amazement of all.

Drumming has and always will create community, empower and awaken latent talents into collaboration. The is nothing new to learn, let loose, connect and play your beat.

Minimum Class size is 3, maximum is 12.

Three hours.


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Cancellation policy

Tickets are non refundable but you can rebook into another date.