What should I bring with me?

A smile and a sense of fun! We provide all materials unless otherwise stated. Please dress appropriately for the session too.

I have no experience. Will I keep up?

Don’t worry, all classes are so small we can easily assist those who are new while perfecting the skills of those who are more experienced.

I’ve fallen ill or have had an accident. Should I still come?

No, if you’re ill, pop your feet up and get better soon. We will rebook you up to 3 times. If you’ve been in an accident and can’t make it to the class or you are concerned that you will not be able to participate in the class, get in touch and we can discuss how to accommodate you or whether you’d prefer to rebook.

I have a disability. Can I participate in the class?

Yes, get in touch with us in advance and we can discuss how best to accommodate your needs. We are keen to welcome everyone equally.

Are mobile phones allowed?

While the focus should be on the class itself, we understand that you may want your phone on in case of an urgent call. We ask any calls taken are not disruptive to the class: there are quiet areas available.

Are photos allowed?

In the adult only workshops, photos are positively encouraged! If you do not want to be in any photos that is OK too. Just let us know at the start of the session and you can choose whether the focus of your photos will be each other or the class. In the family classes it will be up to the guardian present if photos are allowed. In the children only classes they will have the option to photograph what they are making/learning as appropriate, but not each other unless permission is granted in advance.

I would like to do a class that is not listed, are you adding more?

Glad you asked, indeed we are! Get in touch with any ideas and we will let you know if it is something we can offer!

Are all your classes based in Clapham?

No. Our base in is Clapham; however we have a growing number of venues around London and the UK. For an additional cost we can also travel to a venue nearer to you. Just ask and we will discuss options.

I would like to book one of your classes for a larger group. Is this possible?

Our main base is designed for small classes only; however we do travel to larger venues for bespoke classes.

I have a question which is not covered here – how can I contact you?

 Just drop us an email – contact@cookandcraftcollective.com

When can I arrive for my class? 

Sometimes we run many classes in a day, and during the time before you arrive we will be cleaning and setting up for the next class, so it is best to not come more than 5 minutes early. There are many lovely cafes and local venues you can relax in, not forgetting Clapham Common for a short stroll should you prefer.

 What if I’m left handed?

We have some fabulous left handed tutors too. We will always adapt, so let us know if you would like us to bear this in mind if relevant to the class you have booked.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, absolutely! Please message us via the contact page for 1-to-1’s or private classes for your group of friends/family as we may be able to add additional dates to the ones already listed.

If I want to buy a class for my friend/family member but don’t know what date they are free, how would I do this?

Our vouchers are designed specifically for this! There are two options. Either purchase a voucher for the class intended and then they can choose the date which suits them best on the diary system, or alternatively, simply purchase a monetary voucher and they can have their pick of classes.

How do I use my voucher code?

Simply click on your chosen class. Then in the cart enter your voucher code into the coupon box.

How long are vouchers valid for?

All vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Any problems please contact us.

I want to book a specific tutor, is this possible?

Absolutely! Just let us know by email – contact@cookandcraftcollective.com and we will confirm this has been done.

Where are your locations?

You have the option to have a class at your home, at our venue or at a venue that you book yourself. The choice is yours! Our main venue is in Clapham, London; however we have tutors all over the UK and our team is currently expanding.

How can I find new events and experiences?

Firstly, you can browse our classes, or if you have something specific in mind please put it into the search bar. Alternatively, you can search by area to find something near to where you live (or are visiting on holiday) or lastly you can search our bespoke options to create your own mix of classes, either tailor-made or private. If you cannot find what you are looking for please just contact us.

Can I ask questions about the experiences before I buy tickets?

Yes, absolutely, please just drop us an email – contact@cookandcraftcollective.com and we will happily answer. 

Do you check the quality of the experiences?

Absolutely. We only work with tutors who we have vetted. Please read the description carefully when booking to ensure it is exactly what you are looking for.

Do I need any previous experience to do a class?

Most of our classes are aimed at beginners, but some are aimed at those with a higher skill level, so please read carefully. If a skillset is not specified it means the class is suitable for beginners.

How do I find out where an experience is taking place?

Locations are listed on the website. We will confirm the full address with you after purchase via email. If you would like the class in another location, please go to the home page and click on Bespoke Events, and fill out the web form for the workshop you want.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

After booking you have two days to cancel should you wish and you will be refunded by CCC less fees. After that time, you will have to refer to the cancellation policy for each individual vendor. Many will allow a change of date, but this is discretionary and not always possible. Refunds less fees are generally not available. However, you can choose to transfer your voucher to a Cook and Craft Collective class or classes for that price value.

What happens if the experience is cancelled?

In the unusual circumstance that a class is cancelled please refer to the cancellation policy of the vendor. Cook and Craft Collective classes will contact you to arrange rebooking your experience at your convenience.

I have a great idea for a new experience on Cook and Craft Collective – how can I pitch it to you?

Great we would love to hear from you! If it is something you would like to learn then let us know and we will see if we can we can get it booked in. If it is something you are already teaching, please apply via our website. If you have got a great idea and would like to learn how to set up your own class we can offer free mentorship.

Do you offer mentorship?

Yes, we do. If you are experienced but want to fine tune your workshop, or have no experience but want a new career, please do get in touch. We are keen to help those who are wanting to work to get new opportunities and to learn and grow. Mentorship is not paid but also we do not charge. It is an opportunity to design and perfect your workshop with an experienced team of event managers.

I would love to work for Cook and Craft Collective, how do I apply for a job?

Wonderful! Please check our careers page for any current opportunities.