What Annoys an Artist

What Annoys an Artist

Artists are helpful creatures, we will do what we can to provide you with beautifully designed creations, but sometimes there are just a few things that can tip us over the edge…

“Can you tell me what brush you’re using?”

We love that you want to chat with us, but the amount of times we get asked this whether its digital or analogue can become quite frustrating. If you want to know what equipment we use, first be nice and polite, secondly there’s probably a FAQ on our website or social media profile about the equipment we use.  The great thing about art is to experiment, try new things, don’t feel you have to use the same brushes as us to create the same effect. Have a go yourself.

“DM for feature on @ random spam bot art account"

This happen more than you think on social media, there are ways to stop it, such as blocking certain words but honestly, it’s so annoying.

Leaving paintbrushes in the water.

Don’t. Just don’t. It breaks the finial of the paintbrush and becomes useless almost immediately.

Brush left in jar of water.
“What can you do with an art/design/graphic degree?”

Well, you see all the designed things around you, the pretty looking things, more or less anything that has some kind of design to it? That.

Sponge Bob and Patrick "Look at all this cool stuff!"


“Can you please do this drawing to this brief so I can tell you how I want it completely different after you’ve done final designs?”

Sure, absolutely, go right ahead. I’ll charge you double.

Twitchy Eye

“I’ll get someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing to do it cheaper”

Okay, I’ll be waiting right here so you can pay me to fix it. 

Cat filing nails


“I want you to design, make and send me this thing. My budget is a packet of cheese and onion crisps, a button and dead squirrel”

That’s a no from me. 

No I won’t do the work for “Exposure”

I have bills to pay too.

No. Do not ask for free things.


Not closing the lids to paints properly

They go all gunky and disgusting and dry out. YOU MONSTER.

Paint Tubes left open to dry

When the masking tape lifts off the top layer of the paper or let’s the paint bleed underneath.

When people use really expensive specialist art equipment incorrectly or wastefully No no, go ahead, use my best watercolour paper for drawing a shopping list, why don’t you?
Accidentally drinking that paint water

Raise your hand if you drank the paint water by mistake…. We've all done it, don't you deny it.

Do not drink the paint water


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