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About Cook and Craft Collective

Cook and Craft Collective was started by JoJo to create a community where people learn new skills and share their knowledge. It’s a collective of creative people, coming together to share their passions in baking, cooking, crafting and making.

About JoJo

JoJo has over fifteen years’ experience of running and hosting workshops and events. She loves to share her tips and tricks for baking, cooking and crafting with confidence. Above all, she makes sure that every class is a friendly, fun experience.

Clapham North Arts Centre

Where we are based

We are based at Clapham North Arts Centre but we love to travel! So if you want an experience in your office or home, or at an exhibition, conference or party, just let us know.

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Hybrid Events

We also specialise in virtual and hybrid events, and we work with some of the world's leading events companies.

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Get together

No matter where you are!

It's really important to us that you can get together with friends, family and colleagues at a time that suits you, whatever time zone you are in, so we provide online workshops 24 hours a day.

From our London base, we have hosted online events in India, the US,  Australia and all over Europe.

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An Amazing Team

We have a lovely team, who bake, make, and pack; and who make the best coffees, teas and hot chocolates!

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We run projects throughout the year for churches, businesses and event companies. If you need an exclusive experience, a custom baked product or a unique crafting event, we can design the perfect solution.

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